Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Signature Inn Dayton, Ohio

aerial imagery courtesy of Bing Maps
map graphic courtesy of signature-inns.com at archive.org

Signature Inn added seven locations in 1987, one of which was their Dayton, Ohio, location.  This hotel was built on the south side of town on the other side of I-75 from the Dayton Mall.
an overview of the Dayton location
a canopy shot of the Dayton location
This hotel was built, possibly due to the configuration of the lot, without the ell that was common on their other hotels.  Still, somehow this hotel managed to have 125 rooms (at least according to the hotel's old website).

As with many other locations, this still retains its classic 1987 look.

As I stated before in my January 3, 2016 "Looking Back" post, this ended up being the third Signature Inn I had come across.  I knew of one in the Cincinnati area (which will be the next blog post) and one in the Canton area since the early 1990s, but it was on my drive home from work one evening when I spotted an old painted-on billboard advertising Signature Inn.  The vinyl wrap had been removed, exposing the billboard's original message.
A nighttime shot of the billboard.  Being December and with my work hours they way they were, it was always dark when I passed by
I had a chance to take a daytime shot of the billboard about 3 weeks after I took the nighttime shot.  I'm glad I had the opportunity to capture this; it ended up being covered up the next day.

Back to the building itself...
the stairwell area of the building with the sign in the background
This hotel was sold in June 2005, before many other Signature Inns started wearing the Jameson Inn banner.  It was a Days Inn prior to its current branding, Quality Inn & Suites.

looking at the hotel from route 725 across I-75
sources for this post include the Montgomery County, Ohio, auditor's website, signature-inns.com archived at archive.org, jamesoninns.com archived at archive.org, and imagery found through Bing Maps.

Photographs not accredited in their captions were taken by me.  These and additional photos can be found here: Formerly Signature Inn by Ryan on Flickr

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Signature Inn, Warren, MI

Warren, MI, is another former Signature Inn location that I have no been able to visit.

Earlier on in my posts, I said there were three Signature Inns built in 1986.  Through a series of developments mentioned in my April, 25, 2016 post, I have found a fourth Inn that opened in 1986.

Warren, MI, opened in 1986 on Eleven Mile Rd., just off I-696 almost in between I-75 and I-94.  This 124-room hotel was jettisoned in 1993, after Signature Inns' financial troubles of 1990-1991.  Since then, it has operated as a Holiday Inn Express.

Below are a couple of photos of the hotel that I found on the Macomb County, Michigan, auditor's website from an unknown date.

It's hard to tell through Google Street View what the hotel looks like now, but it appears that the cladding was painted at some point through the years.

Finally, a newspaper ad than ran in the July 23, 1986, edition of the Detroit Free Press.  Warren was set to open later that year (as was Evansville, Indiana, which I covered earlier).

sources for this post include the Macomb County, Michigan, auditor's website, information found through newspapers.com,  and imagery found through Bing Maps.

Photographs of other Signature Inn locations can be found here: Formerly Signature Inn by Ryan on Flickr