Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Signature Inn Middleburg Heights, OH

Signature Inn opened its Middleburg Heights location in 1989.  This was one of seven hotels opened during this year.  Its proximity to the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport (about 2 1/2 miles as the plane, er, crow flies) undoubtedly created a fair amount of business for the hotel.  This hotel was on the larger side, with 135 rooms.

The chain's building style had changed a bit since their inception.  Most noticeable to me is the roof.  Gone is the cladding that extends down past the third-floor windows.  Also, the roof peaks at the stairway ends of the hotel have a different shape to them.  The rectangular "box" on top of the roof also does not run the entire length of the roof; it was built basically large enough to hold just the hotel's signage.  As it turns out, there were three hotels built to this style.  As far as I can tell, the exterior has been virtually unchanged since the hotel's opening 27 years ago.

This hotel was sold sometime in late 1993 or early 1994.  It was one of nine hotels the company sold after its exit from bankruptcy in the early 1990s.  The hotel has remained a Comfort Inn since then.

I stated in my Canton post that I had the opportunity to stay at two former Signature Inns in early June 2016...this would be the other one.  It wasn't exactly near where I was headed for the next day, but it was along the way (more or less) and a 30 minute trip to my destination, so I figured the extra drive in the morning was worth it for the opportunity to stay here.

Though I'm sure paint and flooring changed over the years, the lobby still retains its basic Signature Inn flavor, with the lobby, staircase, and railing design still intact.

The check-in desk has been updated, but it still in the same spot as it would have been when the hotel was built.

Unlike Canton, the upper level of the lobby has a partitioned-off interview center.  The same area in the Canton hotel is simply a sitting area.  Like Canton, the upper level of the lobby has a business center with one computer for guests to use, although it it also partitioned off.

The breakfast area has the same look and feel to it as Canton's, the difference being that here, there is a glass wall fully enclosing the breakfast area, rather than a simple dividing wall.

Nothing too special about the hallways, but the whole hotel has a well-kept feel to it.

However, on the doors at the end of the halls, there is the standard exit sign mounted above, with a floor-level exit sign on the door.

Strangely, it appears there is a guest room just off the elevator.  That is a number plaque to the right of the door; my flash just washed it out.

My room:

The room was very nicely decorated and was clean and comfortable.

Finally for this post, a shot of the S-shaped pool:

Given the chance, I would definitely stay here again!  It's nice to see another hotel that's well kept and updated, but still retains the Signature Inn charm.

sources for this post include the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, auditor's website, information found through newspapers.com, and imagery found through Bing Maps.

Photographs not accredited in their captions were taken by me.  These and additional photos can be found here: Formerly Signature Inn by Ryan on Flickr with a special Middleburg Heights album here: Former Signature Inn, Middleburg Heights, Ohio