Friday, March 3, 2017

Signature Inn, Kokomo, Indiana, newspaper items

By this point, I've covered all of the Signature Inn locations the best I can.  I DO have photos of one of my previously-covered-but-not-photographed locations, but that post it still a work in progress.  My "regular" updates are now a thing of the past; I will be posting stuff as I come across things I haven't seen before.

Today, let's visit what is likely the most dismal of the remaining Signature Inn properties, but in a happier time.  I found some newspaper items that ran surrounding the construction and opening of the Kokomo, Indiana, location.

Courtesy of, I first present a November 1, 1985, article highlighting five construction projects in the Kokomo area.  A couple of under-construction photos of the hotel are featured; the text makes only a small reference to Signature Inn toward the bottom of the article:

Next up is an article talking about delays to the hotel project and its impending opening.  I love the under-the-awning view in this, even though it's a newspaper scan:

Finally for this post, an ad for the new hotel that ran just a little over a week after the hotel's opening:

To see what the property has become now...just wow.  I'm not going to bad-mouth any business on here, but anyone with basic internet skills can see what I'm talking about.  That's as far as I'll go on that.

Thank you to my loyal followers, and welcome aboard to those who are seeing this site for the first time!  I'm hoping some travel opportunities will arise for this coming year so I can do some additional photo shoots.