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Signature Inn Auburn Hills, MI, and Knoxville, TN

Due to the lack of photographs of the Auburn Hills, Michigan, and Knoxville, Tennessee, locations, I have doubled them up on this post.

aerial imagery courtesy of Bing Maps
The Auburn Hills, Michigan, Signature Inn was built in 1989.  It was one of three inns that shared an updated design.  Like Middleburg Heights, which was covered in the previous post, it does not have that rectangular "box" running the whole length of the roof (the aerial view above shows not even a partial box), and the roof peaks above the stairwells are quite different.  In fact, the roof's peaked appearance from the ground is more of a false roof, as seen from the air.  It contains 124 rooms.

This hotel was part of the Signature Inn chain until late 1992 or early 1993.  After that, it became a Hampton Inn.  Below is an article announcing the switch:
courtesy of

Unfortunately, I couldn't get decent views even from Google Maps.  It appears that since the aerial view was taken, the roof was painted more of a tannish color.

The hotel has since switched over to a Quality Inn.

aerial imagery courtesy of Bing Maps
map graphic courtesy of at
The Knoxville, Tennesee, location opened in 1989.  It was Signature's only Tennessee location and was one of three hotels built with an updated design.  This hotel has 124 rooms.

This location became a Jameson Inn sometime between June 2004 and May 2006.  The canopy was given a more colonial look (forgive me if I have the architectural style wrong) once it fell under the Jameson name.  Below is a look at the hotel shortly after its construction, courtesy of Merit Construction (sorry guys):
photo courtesy of Merit Construction

This hotel would remain under the Jameson name until December 2012 or January 2013, when the final seven Signature Inn locations were sold out of the chain.  Since the sale, the hotel has been a Baymont Inn & Suites.

sources for this post include the Knox County, Tennessee, auditor's website, archived at, archived at, information found at, and imagery found through Merit construction, Google Maps and Bing Maps.  The dividing lines were also "borrowed" from Signature Inn's old site.

Photographs of other Signature Inn locations can be found here: Formerly Signature Inn by Ryan on Flickr

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