Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Signature Inn that never was (Nashville, TN)

For my final chronology post, I present the Signature Inn that was planned but never built.
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During my extensive research of Signature Inn, I found the above newspaper article from The Tennessean out of Nashville.  If this hotel were to be built, it would have opened about a year before the Carmel, Indiana, location.  Based on the smaller size, I imagine it would have looked like the Carmel location too.

BUT, for reasons that were never made clear in any news article that I could find, these plans simply never materialized.  Despite this, Signature Inn would open its new Carmel location and acquire existing hotels in Louisville, Kentucky, and Springfield, Illinois, in 1997.

The only other mention of a Nashville location I saw was a land transfer snippet that was printed in January 1998:
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About a year after this, the sale to Jameson was announced.

Today, the Nashville site is occupied by offices for Volunteer Corporate Credit Union, which was built in 2002.
Nashville, TN, proposed location.  The building shown is Volunteer Corporate Credit Union.  Courtesy of Bing maps.


  1. Interesting - good research digging this up! I wonder why it never panned out...